About Melesio

Melesio is a private and partner-owned investment firm focusing on long-term value creation through an active and fundamental investment approach.

Melesio is a private and partner-owner investment firm located in Oslo, Norway. The company was founded in 2014 by Petter Bjertnæs, Roy Oddvar Myklebust and Arild Abel Engh. Today, the team consist of five partners with special sector focus and knowledge within the sectors of Financial Services, Industrials, Business Services, Real Estate, Technology, and Seafood.

Melesio has diversified investment portfolio, including mainly Nordic public equities, direct private investments, fixed income securities and funds. We seek to be an attractive, long-term and value creating investor in both private and listed companies.

Financial Services


Business Services

Real Estate



We separate between Industrial and Financial investments:
Industrial Investments

We categorise an investment as Industrial when we have a significant share of ownership and representation in the board / management. Melesio is an industrial investor in a handful of companies within the sectors of construction / industrials, technology, real estate, and business services. We primarily seek to invest in Nordic small- and medium-sized companies with a strong market position, significant growth potential, proven earnings capacity, and strong management team. Melesio assists the companies’ management on an ongoing basis as an advisor providing extensive expertise and experience within financial and strategic analysis.

Melesio continuously seeks new investments opportunities.

Financial Investments

Melesio is a financial investor in both private and publicly listed companies. The investment universe is global, but focused in the Norwegian and Nordic markets within industries where Melesio has an analytical advantage. We mainly invest in equity, but occasionally also in fixed income securities, derivates, and funds.